Hannah is a multi-disciplined graphic artist who has a strong enthusiasm for fashion. A native Western New Yorker, who is an avid participant in the art and fashion community. She attended The State University of New York College at Buffalo where she received a BFA in Graphic Design and uncovered a strong passion for brand development. Hannah firmly believes that fashion is the window to self-expression and self-confidence. As a child, Hannah would change her outfit multiple times throughout family gatherings; it was absolutely essential that everyone saw the latest line in her wardrobe. Fast forward to high school, she was voted “Best Dressed”, a title she takes very seriously. Today, Hannah’s knowledge of style aids Très Amis Boutique in curating the best brands to sell to women who want to look and feel their best.

Kelsey Conte, a founder of Tres Amis Boutique has always had a love for small businesses. She has spent the last 5 years working with small businesses in her full- time sales role. In all of her experience, she realized there truly is no better community than the small business community While she has had an impressive sales career and currently leads a sales team, she wanted to bring her passion project to life. Kelsey is focused on making women feel good and giving them the confidence to go after what they want. Looking good and feeling confident is something Kelsey knows is important to women, especially because having confidence is key to productivity. Kelsey plans to bring a different spin into the Tres Amis Brand. She shares professional stories each week from female entrepreneurs who share their unique background, and help us with our fun tips and tricks for our followers! The goal is to have so much more than clothes. We are creating a community of motivated women who want to look good, and better themselves professionally or personally each day.